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The main components of the paper straw machine

February 25, 2022

PFS-80 high-speed paper straw machine includes unwinding, gluing, twisting, cutting, conveying and collecting units, equipped with 7 circular knives to cut paper straws online. It is suitable for making paper straws with an outer diameter of 3.5-12mm. Comply with food grade production standards. While straws are recyclable, very few are actually recycled. We usually throw straws on the side of the road and end up in landfills. Let's take a look at the composition of the straw equipment paper straw machine.


1. Paper hanging part: independent paper rack, each rack can hang multiple paper rolls, the number of paper racks is determined according to the number of paper layers required by customers;


2. Gluing part: There are a variety of gluing methods to choose from, such as single-sided gluing, double-sided gluing, gluing-type gluing, etc.; generally, conveyor-type automatic gluing is used, and the gluing thickness can be adjusted at will by the scraper ;Independent waxing machine for bottom paper waxing, electric heating, temperature controllable;


3. Forming part: the mold is made of high-strength steel pipe, and the handwheel and oil cylinder adjust the belt tightness; it is more convenient to replace the belt and mold, and one machine can produce paper tubes with different inner diameters;


4. The transmission part of the paper separator: driven by a high-power AC motor, and equipped with a frequency converter to control the operation of the motor; the reel and the motor are connected by a reducer and a high-performance gear box, and the operation is stable; the slitting part: the slitting part equipped on the machine The pipe machine has pneumatic and hydraulic options, and adopts circular knife or saw blade circular knife to cut, accurate and smooth; , automatic length counting; good cutting synchronization performance;

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