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Zhengzhou Perfect Co., Ltd. 86-0371-63311686
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We focus on Paper Cup Making Machines, Paper Cup Die Cutting Machine, Paper Cup Printing Machines, Paper Lunch Box Machine products and so on

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China Zhengzhou Perfect Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Perfect Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Perfect Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and has a strong and professional sales team who will provide you not only the detailed introduction of our machines but also cost-effective solutions according to your requirements. We are engaged in the production of various paper product making equipment including paper cup machine, paper bowl machine, paper lunch box machine, paper cup lid making machine, paper cup printing machine, paper cup die cutting machine, slitting machine, window patching machine. In a total of six series covering over 20 products. We provide warranties for all of our paper cups making machines and other products, providing you with repairs, training in how to operate the machine, and also spare parts. Our factory will finish the machine within two ...

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