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What kind of paper is laminated paper? What kind of material is laminated paper?

May 8, 2023

Abstract:Few people know about laminated paper except those in the industry, but in fact we use laminated paper everywhere in our lives. So how is laminated paper produced? What industry is it used in? What are the uses? What are the characteristics? Let's find out together.


What kind of paper is laminated paper?
Laminated paper is a kind of paper-plastic composite material, laminated paper is a composite material formed by coating plastic particles (such as PF particles) on the surface of paper through a cast machine.
The main feature of laminated paper is that this composite material can be relatively oil-proof and waterproof, and can be heat-laminated. It can be used to protect foodstuffs from oil. For packaging paper
When it is used in automatic packaging machine, it can be heat-laminated.


What is the material of laminated paper?

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Laminated paper is generally made of all wood pulp paper. If the electronics industry uses straw pulp paper, there will be a lot of paper dust and easy to break the edge when die-cutting, so all wood pulp paper is often used.paper. All wood pulp paper has: kraft paper, kraft paper and there are many kinds of colors - yellow kraft paper, natural kraft paper, white kraft paper, golden kraft paper and so on. Of course, there are also There will be the use of full wood pulp double glue paper as the original paper, coated paper and white paper, white cardboard, milk cardboard, kraft paper and so on paper to do laminated original paper, the common self-adhesive backing paper is The use of paper produced specifically for this demand, called anti-stick paper, the color is usually light yellow. Of course, we can also produce different colors according to the requirements, such as blue, pink and other different color backing paper. As long as the fastness of the laminated paper can meet the requirements, and the lamination is even and flat, and there is no penetration point in the lamination, many papers can be used as the original paper for lamination.


Features of laminated paper
Among the four major packaging materials of paper, plastic, metal and glass, paper packaging material is the most common and cheap at the same time; paper-based packaging made of paper or cardboard has the advantages of low
Cost, easy processing, more environmentally friendly, non-polluting, dry recycling, renewable and other advantages, whether in the transport packaging cartons, or dry sales of products in the outer packaging cartons, etc.Paper is preferred, among which "food laminated paper" is particularly prominent.


Applications of laminated paper
1、Life: wet wipes bag, edible salt packaging, paper cup paper.
2, food category: noodle strapping, ice-cream packaging, milk powder packaging, tea packaging, melon seed bags, bread bags, burger packaging, sugar packaging, coffee packaging bags.
3、Wooden products: tongue depressor packaging, ice spoon packaging, toothpick packaging, cotton swabs.
4、Paper: copper plate paper packaging, lightly coated paper packaging, copy paper (neutral paper).
5、Chemicals: desiccant packaging, camphor balls, laundry detergent, preservatives.
6、Pharmaceutical packaging: medical equipment packaging, Chinese medicine packaging, veterinary medicine packaging.
7, other categories: test paper, aviation bags, seed bag paper, bearing packaging, stainless steel material packaging, silicon coated sticker backing paper, kraft paper tape, women's Products, coated with anti-rust oil to do anti-rust packaging, disposable travel goods.