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Paper Cup Machine Production And Operation Process

February 25, 2022

1. Material preparation.

PE coated paper inspection: Single or double PE coated paper fan and bottom roll paper; the color is normal, smooth, no obvious wrinkles, no smell, and no dirt.


2. Turn on the main power supply, heating power supply and host power supply of the cup making equipment, heat for 30 minutes, and then turn on the dehumidifier and the host motor;

3. Put the paper cup fan in the fixture neatly. According to the temperature and humidity of the factory, water the paper and wait; the installation and debugging of the bottom roll paper: it is required to be moderately tight and in place on the left and right.

4. Turn on the air compressor and supply air to the equipment. 

5. Turn on the machine main switch for a few seconds  to test machine, and wait for the machine to feed paper normally; then put down the cup wall paper fixture, and the suction cup starts to transport the cup wallpaper into ultrasonic welding.

6. Observe whether the mechanical movement of the bottom paper feeding, knurling, cup rolling, discharge and other processes is smooth;

7. Check the adhesion of the bottom of the cup to see if there are any undesirable phenomena such as water leakage and water seepage;

8. Collect and sort out the finished product after unloading;

9. Check whether the finished product is defective and qualified;

10. Disinfection of qualified products;

11. Packing the finished paper cup.