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Introduction of paper bowl machine

February 25, 2022

The automatic disposable paper bowl forming machine is developed on the basis of fully absorbing the latest international paper bowl machine technology and according to the actual situation in my country. It is the best equipment for the production of disposable paper bowl products, especially suitable for soup bowls and instant noodles. Large-capacity and large-diameter bowl-shaped containers such as bowls and fast food bowls.

The automatic paper bowl forming machine has automatic paper feeding (printed fan-shaped paper), secondary preheating, sealing (bowl wall), oil filling (lubricating the upper roll mouth), bottom punching (automatic punching from the roll paper) Bowl bottom), two bottom heating, knurling (bowl bottom sealing), crimping (rolling mouth), rolling water line, bowl unloading and photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting functions. A kind of paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding with base paper white cardboard, the appearance is cup-shaped, and can be used for frozen food and hot drinks.