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Home - News - A brief introduction of the lunch box machine and its various devices

A brief introduction of the lunch box machine and its various devices

February 25, 2022

The automation of the lunch box machine and each device are briefly introduced as follows:


1. Work flow: suction paper → gate paper → fast paper feeding → heating → entering the forming mold → stable forming → finished product → automatic accumulation of finished products. Since the whole machine is controlled by air valve, the air pump must be started and must have certain air pressure conditions before working.


2. Feeding system: The paper must be placed in the paper slot relatively flat, and a level detection device is installed on the upper part of the paper slot, which requires a certain amount of paper to be reserved. Opportunity to stop automatically.


3. Safety protection device: In order to prevent accidents, there is an infrared protection controller under the molding die of the workbench. When there is foreign matter, the molding die cannot be lowered and an alarm signal is issued.


4. Operation mode: The operation of the lunch box machine is fully automatic. When the stacking height of the paper in the paper slot is greater than the required value of the material level, and the machine is in a normal state, you can press the start button and the whole machine can work automatically.


5. Record output: can preset and display the number of products at any time.